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Raid Volume Replication
  • Version : v2.00.03
  • Update Date : 2012-02-01
  • Developer : thecus
  • OS : ThecusOS 5 64bit


Thecus RAID Volume Replication enables NAS administrators to backup all of the data from one RAID volume to another RAID volume within a single Thecus NAS. Unlike remote backup methods in which data is transferred from one device to another via the internet or intranet, RAID volume backup takes place internally within a Thecus NAS.
As a result, data can be transferred faster and with more stability, which greatly reduces the chance of backup failure caused by connection interruptions.


Please unzip the file after download.

Compatible Models

N12000, N12000PRO, N12000V, N16000, N16000PRO, N16000V, N2800, N4510U, N4510U PRO, N4800, N4800Eco, N5550, N5810, N5810PRO, N7510, N7700PRO v2, N7710, N7710-G, N7770-10G, N8800PRO v2, N8810U, N8810U-G, N8880U-10G, N8900, N8900PRO, N8900V, TopTower N10850, TopTower N6850, TopTower N8850,