VisoGuard NVR

NVR22 Keep Watching
  • All-in-One System Integration
  • Multi Screen Operation
  • Enhanced Camera Views and Remote PTZ
  • Motion Detection
  • Data Protection Algorithm
  • Multiple Format Support
  • Event Management System
  • HTTPS Support*
  • Enhanced Built-In iCAT Video Analysis*
  • Adaptive Balanced Streaming*


  • All-in-One System Integration
    Get your storage center, video capture card, network server, and software all in the same place. Thecus NVR are ready to go right out of the box: just create RAID, install the NVR plug-in, and you're already up and running in less than 30 minutes. Camera Setup Cloning lets you save more time by using the same settings for different cameras with the click of a button.

  • Multi Screen Operation
    See everything at once with drag and drop functionality across multiple screens. Each screen is capable of displaying multiple camera views, full screen, or both.

  • Enhanced Camera Views and Remote PTZ
    Remote PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) control allows you to adjust the viewing angle and zoom of a camera from monitoring stations anywhere in the world. Also, take better control of your cameras with adjustable aspect ratios, HDTV support, stretching and cropping of video, and advanced port control.

  • Motion Detection
    Motion detection functionality gives you the ability to select a time frame during which motion detection will be activated. You can also limit motion detection to a portion of the viewing field in order to monitor very specific items or areas and recording their surroundings when these areas are activated. Events are denoted with a “red triangle” for easy recognition in the calendar archive view.

  • Data Protection Algorithm
    Recorded data is protected by a proprietary algorithm to prevent tampering or editing. This makes all recorded video, both from within the archive or exported, permissible in a court of law. Playback of original recordings is only allowed through the NVR video archive.
  • Multiple Format Support
    To keep a separate record of events of your choice, a variety of formats are supported for exporting video including MJPEG, MPEG-4, H.264 and MxPEG.
  • Event Management System
    Event alarms and detailed records work with motion detection and video analytics to keep you on top of everything that is happening. These alarms and records are easily configured, accessed, and searched through with the Event Management System. Video streams can be marked with advanced time stamps for powerful searching and analysis, and events can be prioritized to make your surveillance system react only to specific actions, creating fewer false positives.

  • HTTPS Support*
    You can choose to encrypt communication between your cameras and your NVR to keep away from prying eyes.
  • Enhanced Built-In iCAT Video Analysis*
    Netavis' advanced video analysis software is capable of people and object counting, Smart Tripwire analysis, illegal starting and stopping object analysis. Get improved performance with dual streaming video analytics and configure automatic export of iCAT statistical data from your NVR.

  • Adaptive Balanced Streaming*
    This unique ABS technology is capable of supporting megapixel cameras serving in limited bandwidth environments. This technology keeps your image quality high even if your bandwidth is low.

  • *Requires Netavis Observer Extended or above

Información general

Today, Thecus® Technology, a leader in digital storage solutions, is proud to announce a completely new lineup of Thecus® Networked Video Recording (NVR) systems. Engineered to deliver lightning-quick performance, robust features and massive storage capacity, Thecus® NVR systems are the number one choice for users who require a powerful yet flexible video recording and surveillance solution.

Thecus® NVR solutions are actually multiple devices in one: a network video recorder, a real-time monitoring system, and a networked storage unit. Available in desktop and rackmount form factors, businesses have the flexibility to choose the configuration they require to meet their specific needs. Each Thecus® NVR device has the ability to work with multiple cameras at once, enabling organizations to monitor multiple locations with a single system. In addition to this, Thecus®' new NVR solutions feature real-time monitoring and recording as well as support for multiple video file formats, ensuring maximum security and surveillance effectiveness.

Being of Thecus® pedigree, the storage capabilities of Thecus® NVR solutions are naturally second-to-none. All units are equipped with multiple SATA hard disk bays, granting massive storage capacity to handle hours upon hours of professional-quality video footage. Selective RAID modes come standard, and help to safeguard stored video content at all times. And to provide users with the absolute best software interface available, Thecus® NVR solutions will come bundled with NETAVIS Observer surveillance software for an unbeatable combination of best-of-breed hardware and state-of-the-art software.

“With some of the most advanced network storage solutions already on the market, many customers have expressed their desire for a Thecus NVR solution to appear,” said Florence Shih, Thecus® Technology General Manager. “With today's announcement, users now have an entire lineup of NVR devices engineered with Thecus® performance, quality and functionality.”


1.Hardware Platform
Item Spec
Processor Intel® Atom™ D525 1.8GHz
System Memory 1GB DDR3 SODIMM
LAN Interface RJ-45x2: 10/100/1000 BASE-TX Auto MDI/MDI-X
USB Interface USB 2.0 host port x3 (front x1, back x2) (Type A)
LED Indicator Power: (blue)
HDD1-2 Activity/Fail (blink white/red)
WAN (Link: solid white; Activity: blink white)
LAN (Link: solid white; Activity: blink white)
USB (Copy LED: blink white)
Card Reader (Copy LED: blink white)
Disk Interface 2 x SATA for internal
1 x eSATA for external
Power Supply 60W external power adaptor
PCI-e x1 Slot 1
Thermal/Fan Control Thermal sensor on processor FAN control
System FAN speed controlled by temperature
Card Reader Support SD/SDHC/MMC
Real-time Clock Battery backup system clock
Power Management Power on after power lose resume
Buzzer Frequency controllable
Buttons Power button
USB copy button
Environment Temperature: 5°C to 40°C
Humidity: 0 ~ 80 % R.H. (Non-condensing)
Chassis 2bays Tower Metal Chassis
Dimensions (HxWxD) 163.8 x 115.4 x 217.6 (mm)

2.Software Functions

Architecture Single-server system
Max. number of users 3
Number of Licensed Cameras 4/8
Audio Multi-channel audio
Views Up to a 10x10 layout showing 100 camera views
FPS adjustable Supported
Max. Resolution 5 Megapixels
Video Formats MJPEG, MPEG-4, H.264 and MxPEG (Mototix only)
Export Formats avi, jpeg, safe
NVR Motion Detection Supported
PTZ Control Supported
Multi-Monitoring/Clients Supported
Multi Screen Operation Supported
Event Management Supported
Notification E-Mail
Remote Access Supported
Browser Access Supported (fully)
Architecture Client/Server
RAID Modes RAID 0, 1 and JBOD
Auto-rebuild Supported
Hot-swap Supported
Power Management Available spin-down while idle setting
Configuration Fixed IP address, dynamic IP address
Transport Protocols TCP/IP
File Protocols SMB/CIFS, FTP
Data Access
Client OS Support Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7
FTP Build-in FTP server with bandwidth control
Data Backup
USB/card reader device copy to NVR22 Controlled through one button copy
User Authentication
Local User Supports built-in user accounts
Local Group Supports built-in user groups
File System
Type Journaling File System
Language Support Unicode Support
Authorization (ACL) “Read”, “write”, or “deny” privileges to individual users or groups in folders and sub-folders
Multi-Lingual Web-Based Administration (only for storage UI) Web-based server management interface supports English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Polish and Portugal
Utility Program MS Windows Setup Wizard
Supports Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7
Email Notifications Sends system messages via email to the system administrator

TV de Thecus

Lesson 1: how to install and start VisoGuard on your Thecus NVR?

This lesson will teach you the basics of your NVR in 5 minutes: setting up the network configuration, the admin password, creating your first RAID volume and finally launch Thecus VisoGuard solution. The RAID creation time (which can varies depending on RAID levels, amount of disks and NVR model) have been cut for the video. No specific knowledge is required but you'll need a Thecus VisoGuard NVR plugged into your local network and a computer with Thecus Wizard, Java and an Internet Browser installed.